Day: August 27, 2016

Top 6 Things to Know to Be Successful at Pokemon Go

If you woke up sometime this week wondering if you were in a time warp, be at ease. The fact that a Clinton is running for office, Tarzan is in theaters and Pokemon is literally everywhere is no cause for alarm. Pokemon Go released this week and wonder of wonders, people are getting out of […]

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Top 7 No-Fuss Pokemon Go Weight Loss Secrets

The recent release of Pokemon Go in the United States and other countries provides more than an updated version of a popular fad. The new game has a subtle side effect as a useful way to shed extra pounds. Participants pursue various Pokemon species despite the physical effort required to reach their goals. Try any […]

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Top 7 things Most Players Don’t Know About Pokemon Go

If you’re into gaming and technology, chances are that you’ve heard about one the newest mobile game app that has taken the world by storm, the Pokemon Go. This new game may be still underdeveloped but it has definitely become one of the most recently in-demand apps out now. All the craze for this game […]

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Top 10 Essential Pokemon Go Secrets to Success

Number 1 – Battery Drain Pokemon Go sucks the life out of your phone battery. If you have a phone that you can buy a bigger battery for, that’s great, but for some of you, that’s not an option. A great and handy device is a recharge pack. If you want to be a serious […]

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