Pokemon Go: Top 8 Moves To Avoid When Playing The Game

So, you started the game and are going strong. Before you go any further, tho, you’ll want to check out the Top 8 moves that will cost you big time in the game. So, without further ado, here are some no-nos in playing Pokemon Go.

1. The worst moves in Pokemon Go all start with some type of activity by the gamer. Sometimes we just want to find out what really happens if we use Constrict. Then we’re disappointed, because what seems like a powerful move is really not worth that much. The result is lost power and a lesson about not wasting time on a move we were warned about.

2. Another bad move is starting an action that uses up your phone battery quicker than the time it takes to do the action. Charge your phone battery as often as possible and have a backup available. Pokemon GO requires your screen be on so you can find and catch Pokemon. You also want to receive alerts about Pokestops and have your distance tracked so egg incubation progresses as scheduled.

3. Millions of people play the game, but there are still people who aren’t sure what it’s all about. Just think about how their reaction to hundreds of players invading their neighborhood on a quest for the best Pokemon around. Don’t create panic with your actions! Avoid looking lost. Act like you know where you are going. Your smartphone will send you in different directions, but pretend you are counting off measured paces instead of moving from one direction to another in a hurried pattern.

4. Reduce unnecessary activity by learning how to use the map app properly and efficiently. Put a limit on personal danger by traveling with several gamers. Protect yourself by avoiding suspicious areas and/or meetings.

5. Never discount the value of experience. Most gamers need lots of practice learning to throw the ball. The depth varies and a short toss may reap no Pokemon rewards because the target is actually further away. Avoid giving up. Learn by throwing over repeatedly. Never let a Poke Ball just roll away. Tap on the ball to recover it. You may not catch all the balls, but you can recover a good share of them.

6. There’s little benefit for holding on to several low level creatures. Transfer them to Professor Willow, who will give you candy in exchange. You’ll be able to start evolution faster and gain XP. Don’t transfer the wrong ones by mistake, because you can’t reverse the exchange.

7. Understand the benefits and costs of using each feature. Rototiller sounds as if it will destroy anything in its path, but has little value. It really is a very limited option and puts the user at risk. It lacks range and only affects Grass Pokemon like Paras and Cancnea. Rototiller is seriously outclassed by Nasty Plot, SD, and Work Up. Don’t waste time, energy or money on lackluster items.

8. Not grooming is anti-productive. Groomers are useful, but it’s more important to resist their fees until you decide which of your Pokemon you’d like to be friendlier. Special activities like spa treatments and massages bring out the best in a Pokemon, particularly Furfrou. Check the days, times and locations for each specialty groomer.

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