Six Things to Avoid Doing When Playing Pokemon Go

Nearly every game has a list of hints and cheats. Somewhere between virtual reality and the real world is the augmented-reality game of Pokemon Go. It’s got a wide assortment of clues and tips, including some actions to avoid. The game’s widespread acceptance has inspired millions of followers to get up and move out to their neighborhoods and communities with a goal of catching every Pokemon known to humankind. Here are six things to avoid so you can enjoy the game more.

1.Avoid using a Lucky Egg unless you can maximize the opportunity. Unlike regular eggs, there is no incubator required. They only last a real-time 30 minutes, so don’t activate one until you’re ready to evolve Pokemon. Lucky Eggs deliver double XP. They are earned at different levels and can be purchased at the store and Pokestops. Be sure you have enough candy so you can evolve as many Pokemon as possible.

2. Don’t waste time and/or hurt yourself or others during your search. Take the time to carefully plan your route. Carry a snack and bottle of water. Dress for the weather. Check on things like pedestrian traffic or road closures. Stay alert for sightings of kindhearted Dragonite and trainers seeking to add more Pokemon to their collection. Glance down and around frequently to avoid ditches, drivers, and trees that tend to get in the way. Keep your phone at eye level to avoid straining your neck.

3. Never catch and drive. Why scare unsuspecting people by swiping Pokéballs while the car is idling at stoplights or traveling along roadways or the highway? Yes, you can catch wild Pokemon regardless of the speed you’re traveling, but it is not worth the hassle of a ticket or accident. Use your vehicle to reach your location and park the car. Don’t waste the opportunity to catch some exercise.

4.Avoid the temptation to ignore learning about consumable items. Like millions of other trainers, you want to get out and catch your fair share of Pokemon. It’s an exciting game loaded up with intriguing power-ups! Real-time items like Incense, Revive and Potion continue to run even if your game crashes. If the system acts unstable, avoid using them until you’re fairly certain the game is operating properly. Don’t let your buff expire because of bad planning on your part.

5.Don’t get caught with a huge collection of Pidgeys. Just like Rattatas, they seem to gather in your inventory and do little or nothing. Professor Willow accepts Pidgey transfers and returns a species-specific candy to you. Trade for candies until you have enough to power-up and evolve a Pidgeot, if desired. They are far more impressive.

6. Avoid trusting everyone. Real-time predators work diligently to trap legitimate Pokemon Go trainers by luring them into dangerous areas. Remain visible, explore in a group, and trust your instincts when they warn you to back away from a suspicious situation.

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