Top 10 Essential Pokemon Go Secrets to Success

Number 1 – Battery Drain

Pokemon Go sucks the life out of your phone battery. If you have a phone that you can buy a bigger battery for, that’s great, but for some of you, that’s not an option. A great and handy device is a recharge pack. If you want to be a serious Pokemon Go player, get ready to start charging your phone. A lot.

Number 2 – Eggs

There are three types of eggs that you can hatch Pokemon from. There’s the 10k egg, the 5k egg, and the 2k egg. So, you will need to walk these kilometers to hatch your eggs in the incubators. You have an infinite incubator and then there are incubators that you can pick up from Poke Stops, get while leveling, or buy. The ones that are gained only offer three uses. It’s a good idea to use the 3 use incubators on the 10k and 5k eggs and use your infinite incubator for the smaller eggs.

Number 3 – Catch Everything

You may not want to catch that Caterpie, but you should. No matter how low the level of the Pokemon, you need the dust and you need the candy to get ahead and evolve those high-level Pokemon for gym fighting!

Number 4 – XP Bonuses

The target circle that fluctuates on the Pokemon that you’re trying to catch has a use. If you hit the Pokemon when the circle is at its smallest, you will get bonus XP. The same is also said for spinning your Poke Ball before throwing it. Think of the spinning as throwing a curveball in baseball. It’s basically the same thing. Wind that pitch up for extra XP!

Number 5 – Gym Fighting

Even if you’re a lower level and you know you can’t possibly win, you can help your team out anyway by fighting. The way that you help out is by fighting even if you know you’re going to lose because you’ll still knock down the prestige of the other team that has taken over the gym.

Number 6 – Gym Fighting – Tag Team Style

This one goes hand in hand with number 5. If you’re a lower level you can actually have a friend with you and attack the gym at the same time to defeat the Pokemon that you’re fighting. You can be team Valor and your friend can be team Mystic and you can both be fighting team Instinct. Now, keep in mind that you may not get the gym if you win because your friend might take the top, but you will beat the Pokemon from team Instinct. If you’re determined to have your team on top, we suggest that you use other like team members to take over the gym.

Number 7 – Finding Different Pokemon

If you want to find a more diverse amount of Pokemon try going out at different times. This includes at night when you can come across more Gastly’s and Drowzee’s. Staying in one spot won’t get you the Pokemon that you’re after. You can also find places that spawn certain Pokemon at certain times of the day. Stay safe at night and be vigilant of your surroundings!

Number 8 – Saving Pidgey’s

You need the candy to level and evolve everything in the game. The catch is, each Pokemon has their own candy that is needed to do either of these two things. The higher level you are the higher CP Pokemon that you get. After a while, you may have a bag full of the same Pokemon, but you can choose the best to keep and evolve and the rest can be used to gain candy.

Number 9 – Power Leveling

All of those Pidgey’s mentioned in number 8? You can use them to power level. What you need to do is use a lucky egg once you have a ton of Pokemon that only take 12 candies for the first stage of evolution. When you evolve a Pokemon, you gain 500XP. If you evolve a ton of those Pokemon that only require 12 candies while you’re using a lucky egg, that XP is doubled to 1000XP per evolution.

Number 10 – Evolve The Correct Pokemon

You need to be aware of which Pokemon do better damage. You don’t want to waste the candy that you have evolving a Pokemon that has no power in a fight. If it can’t do that much damage it’s essentially useless to you. It may be higher CP, but if it can’t do damage to an opponent, what’s the point? Be patient and keep the Pokemon that will be useful. Power them up and evolve them and power up some more.

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