Top 10 Must-Have Secrets About Pokemon Go

Number 10 – Leveling

Pokemon Go. Obviously, the higher level that you are the better you are at the game. Most people that are playing the game right now are between levels 20 and 30. However, what most people don’t realize is that the maximum level that you can attain within the game is level 40. This doesn’t mean that you’re going to be hitting level 40 anytime soon. Why? Simply put, the amount of experience that is needed to go from level 30 to 31 is about the same amount that you needed to go from level 1-20. You would basically need to get 50,000 experience every day for a year straight to hit level 40.

Number 9 – Pokeballs

So far in Pokemon ,we have Poke balls, Great balls, and Ultra balls. All of you have used Razz Berries to help you catch those feisty Pokemon and if you’re a high enough level, you have used the berries and thrown an Ultra ball only to have your Pokemon escape repeatedly. Within the game files, there is evidence that there is yet another Poke ball that may eventually be available to players and that is the Master ball. Though it isn’t an option for players yet, as it’s in the files of the game we can only assume that it will be available to higher levels at some point in the future.

Number 8 – Sharing Videos

Some players want to make videos of their gameplay. For those that are sharing the videos via YouTube ,you may have noticed the really annoying sidebars in black. There’s a fix for this issue. If you want to record gameplay, there is a way to play the game in landscape mode. You need to go to your settings and click on “Report High Priority Issue”. Once you do that you’ll get a prompt to report an issue. Click “yes” and another window will open. Simply hit the home button on your phone and go back to Pokemon Go. This should put the game in landscape mode for your recorded gameplay and keep those pesky black bars from the sides of your videos.

Number 7 – HTML Name

Many players like to name their favorite Pokemon. Some players rename them all. For those of you that are looking to be unique, all that you need to do is go to the Pokemon whose name you want to change and hit “edit”. Yes, you can rename your Pokemon, but here’s the fun part. If you’re familiar with HTML coding, you can add italics or bold HTML to the name to make it stand out.

Number 6 – First Pick

When you first begin to play the game you have three Pokemon pop up. You have your choice between a Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur. However, if you walk a little further, you will also have a Pikachu pop up as well. If you love Pikachu, feel free to choose him as your first Pokemon, but many recommend either Bulbasaur or Charmander for your first Pokemon. This is more than likely due to battle purposes.

Number 5 – Incense

A lot of people that want to try to catch Pokemon use incense to draw Pokemon to them. If you’re sitting at home and not moving, you can use one to lure the Pokemon to you. Just sitting there you will likely encounter a Pokemon ever 5 minutes. But if you use incense and start walking, you’ll encounter a Pokemon every 600 feet. Now if you’re on a bike or are jogging, you can manage a Pokemon about every 60 seconds instead of 5 minutes. The point is, if you want to catch more Pokemon, you have to move for the incense to be truly effective.

Number 4 – Higher Level Pokemon

Wild Pokemon cap at level 30, so if you’re level 30 and your friend is level 40, you both have a chance to capture that awesome Dragonite. That Pokemon is likely to have the same CP for the both of you. It doesn’t mean that when evolving that that Pokemon will have the same stats. If you’re only a level 30 and your friend is a level 40, he’s probably going to evolve the better Pokemon simply because of his level.

Number 3 – Eevee

When it comes to the better Pokemon to have within the first 20 levels, the Eevee is the better Pokemon to have. This Pokemon can give you three different types of Pokemon when evolved. The Vaporeon is the better Pokemon when it comes to CP.

Number 2 – The No Show’s

There are Pokemon that are not in the game. At least, as of yet. The major Pokemon that people are hoping to see are Ditto, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Now, there are whispers that you can capture a Ditto from just rock formations that pop up on your “what’s near” screen or that you can get a Ditto from an egg. If you’re not familiar with who Ditto is, it’s a Pokemon that can become any Pokemon in the game. This is why it’s such a major deal for those looking.

Number 1 – The Prank

Pokemon Go originally began as a prank set up by Google in 2014. Now, Pokemon go is set to be the most popular game for 2016. There are roughly 9.5 million users that are active daily. Pokemon Go took the world by storm and had so many players, so quickly, that the servers began crashing. What once was a prank became reality and that reality is probably going to be the best game this year.

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