Top 2 Tricks To Catching Pokemons With Incense

Want to catch pokemons faster in the Pokemon Go game? Did you know that there’s a trick that you can use to increase the number of pokemons you catch? If you’re an avid fan of this Japanese-based game and anime, you’re probably on the lookout now for pokemons around your area to catch. No need to look far away. With this trick, you’re sure to increase the number your catch in no time at all. The secret lies in using an incense. This is one of the best tools that you can use to catch and collect powerful pokemon characters to add to your pokedex collection!

First, let’s define what is an incense and what it can do. An incense is the alluring yet mysterious fragrance that is emitted that attracts a wild pokemon to your location and lasts for about 30 minutes. During this 30 minutes, a number of Pokemon characters will appear in your area as displayed by the poke tracker. An estimation of at least one pokemon per minute is expected to appear within your vicinity, giving you higher chances of acquiring pokemons faster. This incense is a very valuable freebie and is also an item that can be purchased. With this in mind, use it sparingly.


So yes, incense may help you catch pokemons faster, but there’s also a couple of tricks that you should keep in mind if you are to maximize the use of this valuable tool. Depending on where you are and what you’re doing, your experience in using the incense can either make or break it.

1. Using incense while standing still…
>> Pokemon will spawn 1 pokemon every 5 minutes

2. Using incense while on the move…
>> Pokemon will spawn at least 1 pokemon for every minute or for every 200m if you’re traveling

You see, the trick here is to make use of the incense while you’re on the move. Get somebody to just drive you around the neighborhood, a golf course or a local park with little to no traffic in the area where you can just travel at a steady pace and use the incense trick as you play the game.

You can get around 6 pokemons using the incense if you’re standing still but if you’re on the move, you can get as much as 30 pokemons during that 30 minute period – the call is yours. Make sure to maximize using your incense and come prepared with fruits and candies and powerful pokeballs to prepare you to capture those rare pokemons you’ll meet along the way.

The Pokemon Go research community on the web have reported that making use of the incense has become a potent way to attract rare pokemon characters especially since the first August update. Though this information is left unconfirmed, these chances are worth taking the risk for.

If you’re a beginner and you’re left out wondering why all the rage about catching a new pokemon is highly sought after by players. Catching one pokemon that a player has caught before gives the player 100XP points while new characters will give the player 500XP points. Catching new pokemons is an ideal way to level up all your characters faster and gives you more opportunities to evolve your pokemons easily.

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