Top 6 Poke Tips For Ultimate Success in Pokemon Go

Getting the extra items bonus for visiting Pokestops.

When you visit your 10th Pokestop (new Pokestops, not ones you’ve been to before), you’ll receive additional items as a bonus. At this tenth Pokestop, you have a much higher chance of finding an egg and lots of Pokeballs, but of course, finding ten new Pokestops is going to take a lot of exploring. Fortunately, this is good exercise and saves you some Pokecoins for Pokeballs, so it’s well worth the effort.

A lot of players have started using joystick hacks to play Pokemon Go at home and if you’re really serious about the game, there’s a good chance that you’re one of them. When you use this hack, you can visit a lot of locations which are full of Pokestops. Instead of hitting the same stops over and over again in the same area, try traveling just a bit so that you can visit different stops. You’ll get a lot more Pokeballs and a lot more eggs this way.

1. Gyms

When a player takes over a gym, they’ll drop a level 2,000 (or another really high level), which means that the gym itself never gets leveled up much and will stay around level 5, getting taken over by just about any player who happens along. If you want to take a gym and level it up so that you can hold on to it, try putting your toughest Magikarp in the gym. Why Magikarp? It’s because they don’t do a lot of damage in a battle.

2. Leveling Your Gym Faster

Obviously, having an ultra-high level Pokemon in your gym isn’t the greatest idea. The goal should be to get your gym to level 10 so that you can hold onto it. Once you do this, it’s going to be really tough to take it over – any invaders trying to take over can use only 6 Pokemon. You’ll be helping out your team and if you work along with a friend, you can level up your own skills and your gym at the same time.

To illustrate, let’s use this Weedle. It means the fight’s going to take longer, but the XP you’ll get makes it worth it. If you have a friend with you, you can both put some low level Pokemon in there and take out one or two Magikarps for huge XP.

In fact, it won’t take long at all for my Weedle to take that Magikarp down and you could get around 800 XP for your trouble. If you’re trying to level up your gym and generally get ahead in the game, don’t forget about this strategy.

3. Getting Around A Soft Ban

Let’s say I’m in Chicago and I’m going to teleport to Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Once I teleport, I’ll have to wait at least two hours and perhaps as long as four before I can pick up items at Pokestops or catch Pokemon – in other words, about the same time I’d wait if I just took a flight there! However, you can get around this by just spinning the same Pokestop until you’re unbanned – usually about 40 times.

When you do this, make sure it slows down, then exit the Pokestop, return and spin it again. Repeat and you’ll be unbanned soon.

4. Traveling The World From Home

This is something that tons of players are doing now that the hack is out. People are using it to visit locations that are packed with Pokestops and snapping up all the items they can. I like to teleport around myself and highly recommend it. There’s also one very good reason to use this hack, which is that there are a few Pokemon which only appear in certain countries. Unless you can afford to travel the world to track down a few rare Pokemon, this is the way to go.

5. Levelling Up Fast

You might already know this one, but it’s one of my favorites and something you should know if you don’t. If you have a lot of common Pokemon (like Pidgies or Zubats, for instance), you can evolve them all at once with a lucky egg. This can get you as many as 30,000 XP in just a few minutes. If you’ve collected tons of these Pokemon, this is a great way to level up.

6. Farming Common Pokemon

There are plenty of resources out there if you want to learn how to farm common Pokemon, so I’ll skip the details, but if you end up with lots of common ones, do like I did and start using them to level up faster. You can find so many of these common Pokemon so easily, that this might just be the best way to level up if you’re new to the game. There’s no need to go crazy with it, though some players do, even ten or a dozen Zubats or Pidgies all evolving at once gives you a pretty hefty amount of XP.

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