Top 6 Reasons To Catch Rare Pokemon in Area 51

If you’ve been into the latest game craze called Pokemon go, you’ve probably noticed that notable landmarks have been designated as Pokestops, gyms and nests for a number of pokemons. This is probably just the very reason some players just can’t help but wonder what’s in store in the infamous Area 51 location.

Reason #1:

Area 51 is the famous government protected location known where alien sightings and activities are said to have taken place. Also, this place has been known also as the location for the mysterious abductions by aliens. Despite being a maximum security location, Pokemon training masters just can’t help but wonder what pokemons are in store for them near the Area 51.

Reason #2:

Recently, there has been unconfirmed information that a very rare and powerful Pokemon character named Mewtwo may be found in Area 51. This is probably the reason a number of Pokemon Go players are longing to try out the mysterious pokemon hunting ground, Area 51.

Reason #3:

To end the people’s demand and satisfy their curiosity, a group of Pokemon Go players finally decided to make that trip to Area 51. They documented their experience and attempted to look for Pokemons along the Area 51 gates. Unfortunately though, they weren’t able to catch anything because no internet service was available in the area as if connection has been purposely cut off. You might be luckier than these guys in your attempt to bypass the secrecy of Area 51.

Reason #4:

Unsettling as it is, the place in itself is mysterious enough to even attempt to come near it. Despite their efforts, no pokemons were able to be identified in the Area 51 base itself. Though, it has been reported that the place still contains a number of pokestops, gyms and hunting locations for rare Pokemons. Well worth a try, I’d say.

Reason #5:

Surprisingly, there are two empty Poke gyms stationed just outside of the area’s back gate in Rachel, Nevada. Though Area 51 does not prohibit Pokemon Go (PoGo) players from attempting to search for pokemons, the visitors are still subject to the rules that have been set by the government. If you’re attempting to go visit Area 51, it is best to do some extensive research about the site first before attempting to visit the place to avoid unnecessary troubles along the way.

Reason #6:

It’s worth a shot to catch Mewtwo. The place may have some limited accessible areas for the public, but it is still a government protected location and is subject to maximum security and as such is subject to certain laws and regulation that most people may not be aware of. So to avoid being arrested for attempting to capture this famous pokemon Mewtwo, keep yourself prepared for battle – oh! Did I mention? avoid getting arrested!

All the secrecy and mystery just can’t help but make PoGo players wonder what kind of mysterious Pokemons they might just hopefully catch in this infamous Area 51. Listed above are the top 6 reasons to try for Area 51. While you might not get far, think about the bragging rights you’ll gain just by getting past the gate. And, think about the reward of catching an extremely rare pokemon that resides there.

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