Top 7 things Most Players Don’t Know About Pokemon Go

If you’re into gaming and technology, chances are that you’ve heard about one the newest mobile game app that has taken the world by storm, the Pokemon Go. This new game may be still underdeveloped but it has definitely become one of the most recently in-demand apps out now. All the craze for this game leaves non-players dumbfounded about this game. Frustrating as it is, even Pokemon Go players are still testing the waters for this game since there is currently limited training and tips about the game. Whether you’re an avid fan or a non-player, if you want to know more about this new game, you just might want to check this out.

1. Did you know? Pokemon Go started out as a joke. The game started out as an April Fools Day joke made as an advertisement by Google Maps in 2014. Their challenge was to make players hunt for pokemon all over the world using the map. What started out as their joke turned out to be one of the best and most exciting games ever!

2. Did you know? Pokemon Go was first introduced to the world via a super bowl ad last January 2016. The ad was intended to celebrate the 20th year of pokemon games for Nintendo Game Boy.

3. Did you know? Pokemon is not actually owned by Nintendo. The characters’ copyright is a joint ownership between The Pokemon Company and Nintendo, who is the game developer. It was the Pokemon Company that started the Pokemon Go game, not Nintendo.

4. Did you know? You can pick “Pikachu” as your starter pokemon. Once you start playing the game, you’ll be given the chance to choose between Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur, make sure to pick none of them. Literally run away from these characters even if they chase you down and by the 4th time you do, voila! There’s Pikachu! Though your starter pokemon may not be that important but having the legendary Pikachu to start up your journey will never hurt any Pokemon player who knows the game.

5. Did you know? It takes actual strategy to capture high level pokemons. The game may seem just like throwing a bunch of pokeballs at some computer generated character on screen but believe it or not, you’ll definitely need a strategy for the higher level pokemons. A basic understanding of the system of the game is necessary to capture the hard to get ones. Once you caught sight of a Pokemon, a ring will appear and start shrinking, once it reaches the smallest ring that’s the signal that they’re easiest to capture. The color of the ring is also an indicator of the difficulty in capturing a pokemon: green for easy, yellow for medium difficulty and red for the most difficult ones. Treats will come in handy to make capturing easier. Make use of all these strategies to capture all level types of pokemons.

6. Did you know? Pokestops are assigned in strange places. Some locations that have been assigned are graveyards, strip clubs, churches and memorial landmarks.

7. Did you know? You have to actually travel or walk around to get your pokemon egg rewards. These incubated eggs are designed to hatch and turn into rare pokemons that are possibly not within your area. Since the game makes use of GPS to track the player’s movements, it is necessary to walk around and travel more to hatch these eggs. So be prepared to walk around and travel if you want to find more pokemons. If you’re traveling by car, just maintain a speed level that won’t go past 25mph since that’s the limit set to track the players.

So, there you have it. Knowing these top seven things about Pokemon Go will deepen your experience of the game.

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